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Institutional Research Professionals

Reach New Talent


  • Addison International finds the finest talents in the United States and maintains a rich pool of employee database for Institutional Research projects.
  • We are the first recruitment company offering specialized services and a database of candidates specifically for Institutional Research.
  • Target professionals with experience in Internal data analysis & External data compliance.
  • IR Positions are very notorious for having very few qualified applicants, 
  • There is a popular joke in the IR Industry that says "Even our families do not understand what we do." 
  • Addison International does understand and is ready to help.

Seek New Opportunities

Since most everyone in Institutional Research knows each other, it might be a little difficult to shop around without it getting back to your current employer. By working with Addison International, we can test the waters for you. We will develop a discrete executive summary of your resume and quietly market your experience to a predetermined list of companies that appeal to you. From there, our fees are negotiated with the interested institutions, proving their interest. After this is complete, we will submit you for the position only after you know that they are really interested, and are not just trying to pick your brain.